Welcome to Adamo's in Naperville!
Welcome to Adamo's in Naperville!

FAQs & Online Ordering Codes

Q:  What are the times for pick-up and delivery?


A:  Pick-up is usually 25 - 30 minutes.  Delivery may take up to one (1) hour, unless we are extra busy then it will take longer.


Q:  Do you have any offers or coupons?


A:  Yes. These are our offers/coupons/discounts. You may only use one (1) per order.

FIRST ONLINE ORDER ONLY! use code AP2342 for a FREE garlic bread & 2 liter 
with your order of $15 or more

10% off $20 order, use code 10off20       $3.00 off $15.00, use code 3off15

$4.00 off $20.00, use code 4off20         $6.00 off $30.00, use code 6off30         

Free Garlic bread with order of $20.00 or more, use code FreeGB

Free Delivery with order of $20.00 or more, use code FreeDel


When using a smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android) follow these steps:

(coupon will not apply if you put it in the Special Instructions box)


  • Go to Cart
  • Click on Apply/Remove Discounts
  • Enter Code (ex. 4off20)
  • Click on Apply Discount
  • Go back to Cart (if discount is applied it will show in cart)

  • Click Pay


Q:  What if I place an order online when Adamo's is closed?


A:  Please be aware that your order more than likely will not go through.  If you do forget and place an order anyway, please call us to confirm order has gone through during our open hours.


Q:  Do you need my email address?

A:  Yes, to send you a confirmation email that your order was received.


Q:  How long does it take for Adamo's to receive my order? 

A:  Please allow 3-5 minutes for your order to come through to us.


Q:  I am registered online and signed in but the system is not letting me order.

A:  The system only allows orders to be placed during our business hours. For pickups our system stops taking orders 30 minutes before we close; for deliveries it stops taking orders 1 hour before closing time. The same goes for future orders. 


Q:  Can I change a pickup to delivery, or a delivery to pickup mid-ordering?

A:  Only by restarting the order (prior to actually putting the order through or paying).


Q:  I forgot to add something to my order, can I adjust my order after I place it?

A:  Unfortunately, you cannot go back to your order and adjust it. You can call us at 630-369-8600 to add to your order and pay for it separately.


Q:  What if I need to cancel my order?

A:  If you need to cancel your order please call us right away at 630-369-8600. Please do not email us as we only check our emails periodically.


Q:  I have a print coupon and/or postcard, can I use it online?

A:  Unfortunately, print coupons are to be used on phone orders or walk-in orders.  For online orders please check out the "Specials & Discounts", there are some great offers there. Please keep in mind we only accept one coupon/offer/discount per order (online or phone or walk-in).


Q:  What is your minimum for delivery?

A:  The minimum is $10.00 before tax and delivery charge. For pick-ups there is no minimum.




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