Welcome to Adamo's in Naperville!
Welcome to Adamo's in Naperville!

FAQs & Coupon Codes

When using a credit card to pay for your order, please make sure the final page confirms that your transaction was accepted and successful. Things like the wrong billing address, or zip code, or CVV2 code might cause a transaction to be denied. Also, for every successful transaction the customer will receive a confirmation email showing the entire order (please check your junk folder as well). If it wasn't successful neither the customer, nor Adamo's Pizza will receive an order email.    



Q:  What are the times for pick-up and delivery?


A:  Pick-up is usually 25 - 30 minutes.  Delivery may take up to one (1) hour, unless we are extra busy then it will take longer.


Q:  Do you have any offers or coupons?


A:  Yes. These are our offers/coupons/discounts. You may only use one (1) per order.

Free Garlic bread with order of $20.00 or more, use code FreeGB

Free Delivery with order of $20.00 or more, use code FreeDel


When using a smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android) follow these steps:

(coupon will not apply if you put it in the Special Instructions box)


  • Go to Cart
  • Click on Apply/Remove Discounts
  • Enter Code (ex. FreeDel)
  • Click on Apply Discount
  • Go back to Cart (if discount is applied it will show in cart)

  • Click Pay


Q: What is the Special Instructions box for?

A:  Special Instruction box is for things like "don't cut pizza" or "easy sauce on sandwich"or "leave my order on the porch please." Please do not type in items such as extra toppings, extra dressings, etc. as we may not honor such instructions. If there is an option for what you need added please click on it so it's added and charged properly.


Q:  Do you need my email address?

A:  Yes, to send you a confirmation email that your order was received.


Q:  How long does it take for Adamo's to receive my order? 

A:  Please allow 3-5 minutes for your order to come through to us.


Q:  I am registered online and signed in but the system is not letting me order.

A:  For pickups our system stops taking orders 30 minutes before we close; for deliveries it stops taking orders 1 hour before closing time. 


Q:  Can I change a pickup to delivery, or a delivery to pickup mid-ordering?

A:  Only by restarting the order (prior to actually putting the order through or paying).


Q:  I forgot to add something to my order, can I adjust my order after I place it?

A:  Unfortunately, you cannot go back to your order and adjust it. 


Q:  What if I need to cancel my order?

A:  If it's a future order we need 24 hour notice. For as soon as possible orders we start making them right away. Please keep in mind that as a small business every penny counts, especially in the current uncertain environment, and we want to avoid wasting food and resources as much as possible.


Q:  I have a print coupon, can I use it online?

A:  Print coupons are to be used for walk-in orders.  For online orders please check out the "Specials & Discounts", there are some great offers there. Please keep in mind we only accept one coupon/offer/discount per order (online or walk-in).


Q:  What is your minimum for delivery?

A:  The minimum is $10.00 before tax and delivery charge. For pick-ups there is no minimum.




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